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My name is Maro, which I know is a weird name but it's just an alternative form of Marie or Mary. You can pronounce it whichever way you fancy. Yes, I know, I'm that generous!

The title of the blog comes from the John Keats poem "Ode to a Nightingale". It had always struck a chord with me for reasons that I still cannot quite comprehend. Maybe it started when I was going through my romantic phase, picturing myself a doomed Victorian heroine. Maybe the fact that I'm always blushing also had something to do with it. I've always been the shy kid, the one who sat in the corner, trying not to bring any attention to herself. I'd do anything to blend in the background and not have to speak.

As I grew up, I knew things had to change. I would achieve nothing in my life by sitting quietly and watching it play past me. Then, I discovered the internet and all the people that live in it and create their own little worlds. I was hooked and inspired. I've wanted to create a blog for years, but the exposure that it comes with has always been hindering me from taking the plunge. At some point as I was getting older and leaving behind my childish anxieties, I gathered all the courage I had and pressed "publish".

I created this blog to document my sartorial adventures and beyond. It's mostly an outlet for me to hone my writing and push me to be more creative. It is a place where creativity in all its forms meets communication. Hopefully, it will keep evolving with me as I embark on new journeys of learning. As an avid reader, no one was surprised that I'd like writing too. Perhaps my shy nature led me to it. Perhaps the circumstances. Perhaps it was all J.K. Rowling's doing. (Ravenclaws represent!) No matter the reason, it has become an integral part of who I am and I'm always trying to improve on it.

When I'm not sitting in front of my laptop, writing or reading (AKA procrastinating by claiming it's for "research purposes", you can find me taking long walks, enjoying the Athenian sunshine (although I mostly hate it) and drinking coffee. I also love my afternoon cuppa (with milk, no sugar), especially if it's raining. I love nothing more than curling in my cosy bed with a good book or a good show, depending on my mood. I watch Youtube whenever I want to relax and when I'm doing my chores. Podcasts are my latest discovery, and I'm always open to new recommendations.

I hope you got some idea now of who I am. Thank you for visiting me, and I just hope I could take you for a walk and ice-cream! Alas, this is the best I can do!

Lots of love,


For any enquiries, please send me an email at theblushfulhippocrene@gmail.com

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